Moments: A Sweet Picnic at The Farm Kitchen in Spier

A relaxing picnic on a lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon is always a great outing experience. It is even more of bonus when enjoyed on a beautiful lawn with a basket packed with fresh and delicious snacks.

Visiting beautiful wine lands around the Western Cape is always on my bucket list. However, I know, it’s getting colder but that doesn’t mean one still can’t live the picnic life. Even in the winter afternoons you can still enjoy the delightful garden views. One picnic spots I recommend for everyone to visit is the Spier Farm Kitchen.

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Ultimate Eyelashes Guide: 3 Types of False Eyelashes You Should Know About

We all know that to take your face beat up a notch false eyelashes are the answer. While we love mascara sometimes a pair of false eyelashes will do.

However, the biggest struggle is the number of options that exist. There are so many styles, it can difficult to know which ones to pick for a certain occasion.

I recently received a lovely package from Eyelash Boutique with some of their best lashes from mink to classic eyelashes – there is a style for everywhere.

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Simple Self-Love: A Love Letter From Me to You

February is the month of love, to celebrate all types of love especially the one with yourself.

Self-love and self-discovery is an on-going journey for most of us and some days are harder than others. We aren’t contestants with each other but rather we should fellow supporters, where the prize is your self-worth.

Here is a little love letter from me to you to with some suggestions to help you with your self-love conversation.

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Must-Have Summer Fragrances & Tips For A Long-Lasting Scent

The summer season calls for lighter and fresher scents. It means swapping the musky and oriental fragrances for fruity, floral and citrusy ones.

I’m a huge fan of long-lasting fruity-floral scents for the daytime, and seductive citrusy aromas combined with a whiff of sweetness for the warm, summer nights.

If you’re on the search for a new fragrance, check out these top picks. Also discover some great fragrances tips that will always make sure your scent is long-lasting.

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Athleisure 101: California Dreamin’ in the PUMA Cali

Don’t you sometimes wish you could take an athletic outfit and wear it for a brunch date? Or if you could just wear something chic while being comfortable? Well, thanks to the latest trend of athleisure and PUMA you totally can!

I would say my athleisure style is an upscale of chic and comfortability. Which is why this fashion outfit worked so well as a coffee-to-cardio look. The best part about wearing sporty-vibes on the street is getting to style the look with comfortable and stylish sneakers, like the PUMA Cali Colourway.

Gone are the days of wearing oversized t-shirts with running shoes. Take your style to the next level, with these five style tips to help you find your personal athleisure style.

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4 Ways to Pamper Yourself Like a Beauty Guru

Self-care has been all over the place these days and why shouldn’t be? There’s honestly no harm in wanting to take better care of yourself. The purpose of self-care is help improve your well-being from the inside out. So while you focus on your mental health, why not pair it with indulgent pampering of your outer self for an overall well-being.

Here are four ways to take your at-home pampering to the next level without having to make a super expensive trip to the spa.

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This Spring’s Perfect Shoe – The Block Heel

A girl’s best friend is apparently diamonds and I completely agree. However, I think a pair of comfortable and stylish block heels come to a close second.

When you find the perfect pair of heels that go well with every outfit it makes life and dressing up so much more fun and easier! Especially a pair of nude heels that immediately help to elongate your legs – making them look leaner and thinner.

Every person needs a pair of chic and stylish pair of block heels for the upcoming spring/summer season. I’m currently obsessed with my new addition of block heels from RUBI from their latest ‘The Nude Normal’ range. Here are some of my favourite style tips when it comes to styling a pair of flattering nude heels.

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Natural Hair Routine & Haircare Tips

In 2014 I decided to do the ‘big chop’ which was a very scary and daunting experience for me, but I just had to do it for myself. I needed change and an uplifting one – transitioning from one hair type to another one.

When it was finally done, I immediately thought, okay now what… How do I maintain and look after this new hairdo? What are the next steps to dealing with my new texture of hair? My hair was no longer relaxed and smooth but it was coarse and super coiled.

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Moments: At The Grand Africa Cafe & Beach

Since I moved to Cape Town I have had some of the best experiences – I discovered a new love for different cuisines. The city is filled with cafes, restaurants and bars for every mood and occasion. In the one year that I have officially lived in the city, I’ve continuously been finding new places that make me even more obsessed with this second home of mine. One of my goals for the blog this year and myself is to eat, travel and write more. So I will be sharing and documenting my travels and food experiences with you all. Let’s do this!

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